Psychedelic backdrop “Shambhala Fractal” uv tapestry


Psy Вackdrop «Shambhala Fractal» UV Active Blacklight Tapestry Fluorescent Psychedelic Art

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There is a country of Shambhala inhabited by wise and happy people. There are no diseases and sorrows, there are no wars and revolutions. Mutual understanding and responsiveness prevail in the area. There, people inspire and support each other. Many daredevils searched for this country around the world, but those who went to the end found it. They found this country within themselves. All this search has led to the understanding that not a place adorns a person but a person a place! Everything that man lacks is inside him.

Psychedelic painting (backdrop tapestry) created by the method of “Digital Art” (Digital art). The canvas is made in a large extension, which contributes to the qualitative display of all the intricacies of detail. Clarity and color rendering at the photo quality level.

  • High-quality sublimation printing (photo quality), glowing under the influence of ultraviolet light (100% UV effect), and in daylight, it looks colorful, rich in bright colors.
  • Printed on glossy synthetic fabric (material flexible but durable), odorless.
  • You can wash and iron.
  • It has holes in the corners for easy installation (grommets).
  • Different sizes are available (it is also possible to order individual size).

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50x50cm, 75x75cm, 100x100cm, 125x125cm, 150x150cm, 200x200cm, 250x250cm

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