Psy backdrop “DMT Flower”


Psy backdrop “DMT Flower” UV Active Blacklight Tapestry Fluorescent Psychedelic Art

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“Load universe into cannon. Aim at brain. Fire!” – this is how the British writer and philosopher Alan Watts described the effect of DMT. And these words are perfect to describe the magical flower that blooms on the tapestry.

Shamans of South America often use herbs containing DMT in their practices for religious experiences.

In a study 1990-1995, University of New Mexico psychiatrist Rick Strassman found that some peoples injected with high doses of DMT reported experiences with perceived alien entities.

“Elves”, “aliens”, “guides” and “helpers” resembled incredible plants, reptiles, praying mantises, bees, spiders.

This mesmerizing flower can also be an inhabitant of a parallel, independent reality – and only your imagination will help you open the door there.

Can be packed as a gift. We can also add a nice personalized postcard with your greeting text.

A psychedelic painting created by the method of Digital Art.

High-quality sublimation printing, canvas glows under the influence of ultraviolet light (100% UV effect), in daylight looks colorful, rich in bright colors.

Clarity of details and color reproduction are at the photo quality level.


50x50cm, 75x75cm, 100x100cm, 125x125cm, 150x150cm, 200x200cm, 250x250cm

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