Psy backdrop «Wizard forest» UV active blacklight tapestry


Psy backdrop «Wizard forest» UV active blacklight tapestry, Fantasy psychedelic art, magic portal, trippy room trance festival party decor

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This canvas can be a great decoration for your living room, bedroom, yoga studio, patio, children’s room, kindergarten, creative studio, art workshop, background for DJ at festivals or parties.

This is the latest work of the author of the famous «Elven Forest» and «Forest Portal». Adventures in the enchanted forest continue. Night falls, unseen amazing creatures appear. Magic flowers and mushrooms shine. Go to the light to discover the true desires of your heart.

Can be packed as a gift. We can also add a nice personalized postcard with your greeting text.

A psychedelic painting created by the method of Digital Art.

High-quality sublimation printing, canvas glows under the influence of ultraviolet light (100% UV effect), in daylight looks colorful, rich in bright colors.

Clarity of details and color reproduction are at the photo quality level.

Printed on glossy synthetic fabric (flexible but firm), odorless.


36x50cm, 50x68cm, 75x102cm, 100x136cm, 125x170cm, 150x205cm, 200x273cm, 250x341cm

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